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Тарифные планы на услуги свадебного фотографа
  • Базовый
  • Бюджетный свадебный пакет
  • 15 000 руб.
  • ЗАГС и небольшая прогулка
  • DVD диск
  • фотосъёмка не более 4-х часов
  • Заказать
  • Стандартный
  • оптимальный свадебный пакет
  • 35 000 руб.
  • Утро жениха и невесты, ЗАГС и прогулка
  • фотокнига 20х28 см, 10 разворотов
  • фотосъёмка не более 8 часов
  • Заказать
  • Максимум
  • премиальный свадебный пакет
  • 45 000 руб.
  • Утро жениха и невесты, ЗАГС, прогулка, банкет
  • фотокнига 20х28 см, 10 разворотов
  • фотосъёмка не более 12 часов
  • Заказать
фотографа Александра Майского


Everyone needs to make an ID photo at least once in life.

Usually it is done in the following sequence: passport photo, student ID card photo, photo for personnel action file, driving license photo, travel passport photo, pensioner ID card photo and photos for other bureaucratic documents.

The best way to settle the matter is to find a photo studio and order a photo there.

But what should people with busy schedule do, if they can’t afford to spend even15 min to go to a photo studio? And those who aren’t able to leave their house like elderly or handicapped people. Even babies need a photo for the travel passport of their parents to go abroad.

In all these cases our in-home photo studio will help you!

ID photos on a call-out basis in Moscow

Photo for any document: Russian passport, travel passport, visa, different ID cards.

Just one call and a photographer comes to your place, takes photos meeting all necessary requirements and prints them out. Your problem is fixed!


Question: - Do you go out to an apartment/office/manufacturing location/to the outskirts of the city?

Answer: - We go out to any address within or outskirts of Moscow.


Question: - How long does the process take?

Answer: - It takes for about 15 min for taking photos and 30 min for printing them out.


Question: - Do we need anything special for making a photo? White background, special light.

Answer: - Nothing. A photographer will bring the necessary equipment for the process, take a photo, process and print it out.


Question: - Can you take a photo of an elderly person/ a baby?

Answer: - Yes, of course we can.


We’d like to direct your attention to the strict requirements of photos especially for travel passport and visa. Due to our experience we comply with all the requirements.

For example, have a look at the requirements for a Schengen visa photo:

· The size of the photo 35х45 mm

· Height from the tip of chin to the top of the head: min allowable size 32, max allowable size 36 mm

· Neutral expression

· The head neither turned nor at an angle

· Look straight into the camera

· Mouth closed

· Stray illumination without any reflections or shadows

· Natural complexion

Wrong photo can be the reason of visa denial.

You can order a visa photo to any country to our specialists. We have more than10 year experience and haven’t got any complains or denials. We measure everything accurately with a ruler J.


The price for "an ID photo on a call-out basis" is comparable with the price list of a photo studio; however you save your precious time. For example ID photo on a call-out basis for 20 people in Moscow will cost just 250₽ for 3 photos 3х4.


We work 24/7.

We go out within and outskirts of Moscow.

Telephone: +7(926)738-32-80.


Here you can see ID photos which we offer:


- photo for Russian passport (3,7х4,7 cm

- photo for Russian visa (3,5х4,5 сm)

- photo for Schengen visa (3,5х4,5 сm)

- photo for travel passport (3,5х4,5 сm)

- photo for documents (3х4 сm)

- photo for travel visa

- photo for business visa

- photo for visa application form (3,5х4,5 сm)

- photo for private visa

- photo for educational visa

- photo for transit visa


We make Visa photos for any country of the world. Here are the most popular ones:

- The USA

- Australia

- Germany

- Great Britain

- Canada

- The Czech Republic

- Finland

- Japan

- Spain

- Italy

- Greece

- Sweden

- Poland

- France

- Austria

- Bulgaria

- Latvia

- Lithuania

- The UAE (The United Arabic Emirates)

- China

- Norway

- India

- Slovakia

- Denmark

- Singapore

- Maldives

- Cyprus



Александр Майский
+7 (926) 738-32-80, XL1984@mail.ru